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Qty Eye BC Dia power color
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The Orion Vision Group is a contact lens company that specializes in custom contact lenses that are not available from the major contact lens manufacturers. Among the products available from the Orion Vision Group are custom-tinted contact lenses for special needs patients such as those with ocular injuries. This technology is also available for people with astigmatism, those with high prescriptions, and those needing bifocal contact lenses who also want a custom cosmetic tint in their contacts. The Orion Vision Group also offers the Bio Contact Lens, a disposable lens made for patients who suffer from dry eyes. **All our lenses are FDA approved and made in the United States** Halloween
Lens per box 1
Wear Schedule Daily
Lens Material Soft Lens
Lens Tint Cosmetic Tint
Replacement Schedule Yearly
Lens Type Cosmetic
Brand Venus

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