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Shark Ears Premium Long Hair SoSoft Silicone Swim Cap for Men Women and Child Swimmers - SwimCap with Ear Pockets and FREE Medical Grade Silicone Ear Plugs - 1 size Black


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SharkEars Swim Cap is the most confortable, lightweight and durable SwimCap on the market. It fits male, female and child swimmers with long and short hair. Stretches to fit double in size. Quick and easy to put on or take off. Ear Pockets prevent overpressure on the ears. Keeps Hair out of face and eyes. Protect your hair from sun, salt and chlorine. Reduce water drag when swimming with this sleek design. Shark Ears swim cap helps to prevent swimmers ear by limiting the foreign debris exposure to your ears when in water... Shark Ears enhanced thermal technology helps keep the head warmer for swimming in colder water for longer periods of time and the custom cad engineered ear pickets help to promote comfort for long swims and otherwise uncomfortable conditions. Other amazing products like the Original Shark Ears - ear band and the Shark Ears medical grade ear plugs.... from Shark Ears can be used with the Shark Ears swim cap together or as stand along aids in your swimming.
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Brand Shark Ears

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