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Miru 1 month Menicon Multifocal

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Miru 1month Menicon Miru. The new way to see. Miru 1month contact lenses are designed to let you see the world in a new way. Developed in Japan, they take their name from the Japanese word for seeing. And from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night, they let you look at life in a bright new way. MeniSilkâ„¢technology delivers one of the highest levels of oxygen transmission of any commercially available disposable lens. Eyes that can breathe are healthier, whiter and allow worry-free wear from morning until night. The thickness of a lens can significantly impact O2 transmissibility. Miru 1month sphere, toric and multifocal design optimize O2 transmissibility across the whole lens surface, over the entire power range.
Wear Schedule Daily
Lens Material Soft Lens
Lens Tint Visibility Tint
Replacement Schedule Custom
Lens Type Spherical
Eye Condition Myopia/Hyperopia
Brand Menicon Z

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