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Fluoroperm 60

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Qty Eye BC Dia power color dot
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Fluoroperm 60 contact lenses are custom made to meet the specific needs of your prescription. Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are small, durable, slightly flexible lenses that are custom designed to fit your eyes and can be made in a wide range of parameters. * May be an option for people who have had difficulty wearing soft lenses or eyeglasses Flouroperm 60 contact lenses are the second rank of the Flouroperm system of high quality gas permeable lens available in a full range of colors as well as UV designs. Flouroperm 60 has the a medium dk of the Flouroperm system, offering a compromise between oxygen permeability and lens stability. Flouroperm 60 lenses still offer an industry standard in initial and long term comfort through superior wettability, decreased limbal dessication, deposit resistance, and an unparalleled flexibility in wearing schedules.
Wear Schedule Extended
Lens Material RGP Lens
Lens Tint Visibility Tint
Replacement Schedule Quarterly
Lens Type Custom
Eye Condition Myopia/Hyperopia
Brand Fluoroperm

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