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ECU Library Tech Spotlight: Boston Solutions


Boston Solutions are owned by Bausch and Lomb, who have been in the eye care business since the 1850’s. They were originally based in Rochester NY, and have been a major part of the American culture, producing brands like Ray-Ban.

What is the Bausch & Lomb: Boston Solutions?

The solutions are designed for use with the common GP (gas permeable) lenses, and are made to clean contact lenses of any debris or deposits. They are designed for use with regular prescription lenses and are safe for consumers to use/apply at home.

What it’s good for:

All Boston Solutions and conditioners contain a wetting agent that leaves a coat on the lenses which helps make them smooth. This reduces friction between the lens itself and your eye. This makes for a more comfortable lens with less irritation for the user. This solution is designed for gas permeable lenses/hard contact lenses.


This solution contains Alkyl Ether Sulfate, Silica Gel, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance (Parfum)

Make sure to check with your doctor before use.

Solution should be discarded 90 days after opening.