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Prescription Policy

All Contact Lenses must be sold pursuant to a valid prescription. You can send your prescription to us by fax at: (914) 909-0636 or by email to


All prescriptions received must be verified through the pretinent eye care provider. 


It is important to understand that under the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Law (FCLCA) EFFECTIVE February 4, 2004, much of EyeCare Universe's communications to eye care providers regarding prescription verification are regulated in detail.


EyeCare Universe is committed to providing extraordinary customer service. As such, we have contracted and worked with industry leaders and expended substantial resources in order to implement a verification system that is in compliance with the FCLCA and Rules. We have used these leading technologies and resources to develop a system that is intelligible, easy to use, efficient, and timely for all parties involved in the verification process, from consumers, to sellers, and eye care providers (“ECP”).


Verification process


Two key points within the verification process are 1) the outbound phone verification communication process with live representatives. 2) the inbound fax verification response process that is specifically designed to manage high-volume, time-sensitive document delivery as well as providing all of the required contact lens verification information to the ECP’s office, so that the doctor or office personnel can verify (at their convenience or within the federal 8 business hour verification period defined by the FCLCA) the contact lens prescription.


Phone verification system


Due to the strict rules of the FCLCA, EyeCare Universe has determined that the phone verification system is the best way we can be sure we have complied with the federal law. Calling our customers assures us that the proper information is transmitted in an intelligible fashion. We reviewed several options in terms of our ability to comply with the law before we chose the present system. We have added the customization features described below in order to make it easy for each office to use. By using the phone system, we believe that our customers receive quicker/better service and response time. Instead of a fax sitting on the machine all day, the phone system ensures that the verification request is brought to the attention of the office personnel in the shortest possible time. It is our belief that this will expedite the eye care providers response and thus satisfy consumers’ needs. Finally, in discussions with several doctor’s offices we became aware that if an eye care provider were to need information about one of their patients that is transferring to another office – they would not fax the request. Instead, they would call the office to make sure it was brought to offices’ attention. We are attempting the same and understand that this is customary in the industry.


We feel that this verification process does not place significant burden on any office staff, as we are acting in behalf of the patient to verify their contact lens prescription information in accordance with the FCLCA. The initial verification phone call does not require the end user to verify the prescription right then. It simply conveys the required contact lens verification information so that the office, at their convenience, can verify the contact lens prescription. The FCLCA has determined that a seller of contact lenses who must verify a prescription must wait 8 business hours once the required information has been successfully communicated to the eye care provider office. If the seller does not receive verification response within that given time frame the seller is allowed to ship the contact lens order.


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