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Spring Is Here And So Are Allergies

allergy-seasonNow that Spring time is here, we can all enjoy the outdoors a little more thanks to more hours of daylight along with warmer temperatures. Whether you find yourself hiking, gardening or enjoying a nice bike ride, most will be effected by the change of season in an unpleasant way.

The down side to spring time is the rise in seasonal allergies. Seasonal eye allergies are largely due to the release of tree and flower pollen into the atmosphere and can cause a severe impact on everyday functioning for those that experience them. It is these types of allergies that cause the eyes to become red, itchy or watery.

How can you defend your eyes during pollen season? Well the immediate answer would be to decrease contact with pollen which means staying indoors, particularly on days with a high pollen count. Keeping windows closed and wearing sunglasses may also help to protect your eyes from irritants in the atmosphere.
Now if you do become effected by these allergens especially for people that do not wear contact lenses, this nuisance can be solved with over-the-counter rewetting drop is sufficient to moisturize and relieve itchy eyes or red eyes and cleanse the eye of irritants. Medicines containing antihistamines, decongestants or mast cell stabilizers can alleviate irritation of the eyes and treat other symptoms such as cold-like symptoms. Eye drops often work better than pills or liquid medications to treat eye problems.

As for people that wear contact lenses, this issue is a little more severe as well as costly. It is believed that contact lens wearers suffer more during eye allergy season due to the fact that irritants are more likely to enter the eye and stick to the exterior of the lens, bringing irritation. This is made worse when oral antihistamines are taken which have a drying effect on the eyes. Those who wear contact lenses are advised to ensure their eyes are moist and replace lenses as directed. Many optometrists recommend switching to daily disposable contacts, since changing your contact lenses daily greatly diminishes the chances of buildup and inflammation.

During the Spring time contact lens wearers find themselves using more contact lens solution and or wetting & cleaning drops to help prevent their lenses from becoming damaged.

A key point to remember for anyone is, don't rub your eyes. Doing so can only intensify the irritation. Because often products that work to alleviate symptoms do require a prescription, if over-the-counter options do not help, see your eye doctor.

To help contact lens wearers this allergy season, we are offering free shipping on all orders $99 and more beginning today and lasting until this Friday. To make things even easier no coupon code is needed in order to take advantage of this offer.

So go ahead and enjoy the fresh air of spring time.

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