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Cyber Monday deals in advance to our social followers on Black Friday

Come Black Friday, we will provide our social followers a leg up with their holiday shopping by announcing our Cyber Monday deals in advance to help them receive their items ahead of the rush while supplies last.

The partners of, feel this is a great opportunity for us to reward our loyal social fans and followers alike to avoid the Black Friday madness and waiting in long lines at all the big box stores just to come away disappointed and not getting that special ticket item they had on their holiday list. By providing our Cyber Monday deals on Black Friday, our social fans and followers can avoid the mad dash by shopping in the comfort of their own homes and enjoying the company of family and friends all while saving time and money and not having to go out and wait in long lines or even having to wait for Cyber Monday to see what deals we have to offer.

Some consumer’s tend to forget the meaning of the holiday and turn into crazed shoppers. It never fails that you hear of multiple injuries on the news due to Black Friday and how customers get trampled upon while trying to get into the store to get that big discounted item and only having to walk away empty handed if they are lucky. In most reported incidents, people have walked away with minor bumps and bruises and in the worst case death.

Due to the madness that comes with Black Friday, we wishes for our loyal fans and followers to enjoy the holiday at home with their family and friends while still being able to click those holiday items off of their wish list in a matter of a few minutes by taking advantage of their pre Cyber Monday deals on Black Friday.

If you wish to see what deals we will be offering to our social fans and followers before Cyber Monday, you can do so by becoming a fan on Facebook at and or a follower on Twitter at

Wewould like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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