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The Little Company That Could parent company Eye Care Associates remains committed to excellent customer service even during post Hurricane Sandy and the latest nor'easter that rocked the east coast. As a New York and New Jersey based company, they have been impacted severely in that their offices and employees homes have all suffered power losses as well as damage from the storm. Thankfully, all are accounted for and no serious damage was done.

Till this day, many of the employees are still without power and heat in their homes. The Cle Contact Lenses New Jersey office was down all last week thus reducing work flow. Somehow CLE Contact Lenses still managed to operate on partial power in there Elmsford, New York office. Many of the employees from Long Island and New Jersey are still having trouble coming in, but somehow the business still found a way to make sure they can fulfill their longstanding customer orders. Thanks to the employees from Westchester, Rockland and Northern Westchester counties, Cle Contact Lenses was able to ensure customers receive their ordered goods. The way that they have managed to run their offices is by running extension cords, internet cables and relocating computers to parts of the building that only have power just to maintain their commitment to customer excellence while remaining positive about what has transpired in the past weeks.

Everyone at CLE Contact Lenses considers each other family and was able to lean on each other for support during these hard times while keeping busy to help customers receive their orders and keeping business moving forward.

Unfortunately, the same is not the case for many of their neighbors, brothers and sisters in the tri-state area. As such, CLE Contact Lenses wants to offer a helping hand, even if in a small way. CLE Contact Lenses currently is contributing $2 for every order that is placed on their website to the Red Cross, and in particular the NY branch of the Red Cross to assist in their efforts to help those that have been lost so much in this terrible storm.

There is no need to order from CLE Contact Lenses in order for you to help the cause as anyone can make a donation by directly visiting the Red Cross website and making a donation to their hurricane relief program(s). For more information on the Red Cross, hurricane relief programs you can visit their website at: or to make a donation you can visit the Red Cross disaster relief at:

“I always knew our teams commitment to customer service was second to none but to see some of our people literally walking to work just to make sure our orders got out – was beyond impressive!”  -  Carl Verga, Operations Manager

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