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  • The Health Risks of Swimming With Contact Lenses In


    Here at CLEcontactlenses, we get a lot of questions regarding eye care and eye health. We decided to take one of the questions we get asked VERY frequently around the summer season:

    "Is is safe to swim in my contact lenses"

    So we created this blog post to clear up some questions, comments, and concerns relating to it.



    The Health Risks of Swimming with Contact Lenses in

    First off and most importantly, it is highly recommended that you don't go swimming with contact lenses in. The FDA clearly states on their website to keep contact lenses away from any tap, bottled, distilled,lake, or ocean water. (that article can be found here)

    Here are some reasons why:

    • Parasites - In many bodies of water there are nasty parasites, bacteria, and microbes that can do some serious damage to your eyes. The problem with contact lenses is that they create a perfect enviorment for these parasites to attach onto.
      • Acanthamoeba Keratitis - The Acanthamoeba is a protozoan parasite that generally lives in freshwater. It attaches onto the contact lenses when it meets and stays there, but is too small to see with the human eye. It then irritates the eye causing inflammation. It can even cause permanent vision damage/loss if not treated quickly enough. The bacteria attacks the cornea of the eye, a condition called "Acanthamoeba Keratitis"


    • General Irritation - The chlorine in pools and other various chemicals, found in bodies of water all over the world can come in contact with your eye and cause irritation. Your contact lenses can even aid in keeping this harmful water touching your eye if the water gets in between the cornea and lens.
      • Soft Lenses - If you are wearing soft lenses, they will tend to constrict and squeeze slightly on your cornea. This will create inflammation and increase irritation. They also have a pourous design that allows for bacteria/chemicals to more easily attach to it. - you would be safer without any contacts in at all.
      • Hard contact lenses - Hard contact lenses such as Rigid Gas Permeables have a high chance to fall off while moving through the water as they don't hug your eye quite as smoothly. This will lead to you losing them, and having to get new ones (more $$)


    Smart Alternatives

    Even though it is not a very good idea to swim with your contact lenses in, there are some smarter alternatives:

    • Use disposable lenses - Many companies such as Acuvue make disposable contact lenses that would be perfect for going in the water. Right after you're done with the lenses, just toss them and put a new pair in. Boxes of acuvue dailes run at about 25$ per 30 contacts. So 30/2(for each eye) = 15. Then 25/15 = 1.6667. So each time you go swimming it's going to cost you a dollar and 67 cents. Not great, but certainly not awful. 


    • Try prescription goggles - Prescription goggles are definitely the most ideal solution to swimming with contacts in. This completely eliminates the need for contacts; so even if water does get into the goggles, the contacts wont absorb the harmful bacteria. The prescription is actually in the lenses of the goggles, which is perfect for heavy pool/ocean goers. While these can be a little bit pricey at first, they will definitely hold there weight in both health and monetary value over the long haul.

    If you guys have any additional questions about the health risks of swimming with contacts in please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.


  • Ask The Experts - Session #1

    In the new series of posts we're doing here are CleContactlenses, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we get. This will be a great resource for people who need a quick answer to their problem and don't want to take the the time to call up. However, if at any time you need a question answered, don't hesitate to call us at : (914) 949-5252


    In these segments we will take 10 questions at a time, and give you the best possible answer we can. Kind of like an on going faqs page.


    #1 -

    Q - How much does an eye exam cost at places like Walmart and Costco? 

    A - A standard eye exam at a commercial store like Walmart of Costco will usually run you about 35 - 40$. It can fluctuate because of the area of the united states you are in. They will also try and up sell you on other products/services so the average appointment its most likely higher than that.


    #2 - 

    Q - Do contact lenses still work if flipped inside out?

    A - While your contact lenses might still allow you to see flipped inside out, they were meant to be used a certain way. Contact lenses are curved and fitted to fit the radius of your eye, flipping them inside out with distort the perfect fit and irritate your eyes.


    #3 - 

    Q - Can i wear my contacts longer than the recommended amount of use? 

    A - Over wearing contacts can be a very dangerous situation for the overall health of your eyes. It can easily lead to eye infection, which in turn can lead to other eye related diseases. Make sure to check the expiration date on your contact's and to not go past it.



    Q - What is the legal age to be able to wear contacts?

    A - Technically there is no "legal" age. It depends on how mature the patient is, and how trusting the eye doctor is. I've personally seen kids as young as 10 wearing contact lenses.



    Q - What is a safe site to buy contact lenses from? 

    A - Well this is kind of a no brainer for us, but.... us! - Not only do we have a price match guarantee, (Check it Here) But with hundreds of thousands of contact lenses and accessories sent out each year, we know what we're doing.



    Q - What kind of contacts should i get?

    A - The exact brand and style of contacts you wear should be discussed between you and your eye doctor. While i could make recommendations based on what most people use, it doesn't mean that it's right for you. You need to pick a lens that is hard/soft enough for you, fits right, and has the overall feel.



    Q - What is the best contact lens solution?

    A - My personal favorite is Clerz plus drops. Great solution and at a good price. - Clerz plus



    Q - Why do my contacts dry out towards the end of the day?

    A - It's natural for your contact lenses to dry out a little bit as your day goes on. Especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies or just have inherently dry eyes. The only way to refresh them would be to get them back into some saline solution, but eye drops to re-moisten the eye can definitely help.



    Q- Is it okay to put the left contact in my right eye?

    A- As long as your prescription is the same in both eyes, it doesn't matter which eye you put in where. BUT if you have two different prescriptions for each eye, you must pay attention.



    Q- How can i become and eye doctor?

    A - Check out this quick video to help you out.



    Thanks for reading, Matt

  • Contact Lens Removers - The benefits of using contact lens removers to insert and remove contact lenses from your eyes…

    For nearly five years one of the partners at our company, resisted ordering contact lenses for his eyes.  Despite the fact that the company sells tens of thousands of contact lenses and eye care related products each year, Chris couldn’t get comfortable with putting the contact lenses in his eyes and couldn’t get comfortable removing the contact lenses from his eyes.

    “The damn things would stick to my finger tips and not go in my eyes so I just held off and kept wearing my old glasses.”

    Finally, one day his partner Rob jokingly said he should be ashamed of himself for not having tried what thousands of our customers have been using for years…. contact  lens removers.

    Contact lens removers are a simple yet very effective device that come in many shapes, sizes and varieties.  They are as simple as a mini plunger type remover that looks like a small piece of plastic with a hole on both ends

    DMV magic contact lens remover DMV magic contact lens remover

    Lobob insertion and removal kit



    and can be as elaborate as a full insertion and removal kit



    (check out these 2 quick videos to learn how to properly insert/remove both soft and hard contact lenses using a remover.)

    Contact lens removers were pioneered by eye doctors and eye care professionals who saw the need to help solve a very common problem that hundreds of thousands of contact lens wearers experience – the difficulty in inserting and removing contact lenses.  The insertion and removal process can be quite simple for most folks as the diameter of the lenses and finger tips are a right fit.

    Additionally, most folks have the proper ocular shape and moisture composition.  Unfortunately, many folks do have an issue that may make inserting or removing contact lenses more difficult.  The level of moisture found in the eye can vary quite significantly.  Additionally, the shape of either the eye or the finger tip can have an impact on how hard or easy it is to insert or remove contact lenses.

    Lastly, the individual user’s ability and tolerance for “eye touch” – can vary dramatically.  Some folks’ eye touch response mechanism is much more finely tuned and more sensitive, making it significantly more difficult for them to actually touch the eye.  Touching the eye is a process necessary in properly inserting or removing the contact lens and if you are unable to touch your own eye effectively – you can resort to either having someone else insert or remove your contact lenses, which can be very difficult and even un-sanitary, or you can employ the help of a contact lens remover.

    The most common and popular contact lens removers on the market today are the soft and hard lens removers like the ultra and magic contact lens removers (make this a hyperlink to our product page for same), the Lobob insertion and removal kit and the Softsert contact lens removal kit. There are also traditional contact lens tweezers which can be used to handle contact lenses as well.

    The ultimate benefits for using a contact lens remover vary from user to user and for someone like Chris, a partner here – they are something he can’t live without.  “I wouldn’t be wearing contact lenses if not for Rob’s prodding me to try the various contact lens removers  we sell on our own contact lens websites.

    For more information on contact lens removers, the insertion or removal of contact lenses or any eye care related questions – don’t hesitate to or call us at 1-877-536-7373

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