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Best Old School Hip-Hop Sunglasses

The new popular Netflix show “The Get Down,” has renewed public interest in the early years of Hip-Hop. In honor of this, let’s take a look at some of the most popular sunglasses from the beginnings of this movement.

Cazal Sunglasses

Cazal 163-3 retails at around $500 The Cazal 163-3 retails at around $500!

These were by far the most prestigious sunglasses of the era. Only the top dogs wore these, because they carried with them a hefty price tag. Custom made in Germany, these sunglasses were simply a must have if you were a "somebody" during that time. They are still available today with prices from $300- $1000

Carrera 5530/S

Carrera 5530/S 99mm 0KHX JJ Carrera 5530/S 99mm 0KHX JJ

If you’re looking for that old school hip hop style, but don’t want to shell out $700 for a new pair of Cazal’s, these Carrera’s are worth a look. They have the “shield” style, which resembled ski goggles, and were popular with celebrities like Michael Jackson, and members of Run DMC. These are an excellent, less expensive alternative to the very expensive Cazal’s and certainly are a must have for hip hop fans. More recently, James Franco can be seen wearing these glasses in the film Spring Breakers.

Versace VE4299

Versace VE4299 58mm 514187 Versace VE4299 58mm 514187

These Versace’s are similar to what many rappers in the 90’s wore. They are based on the aviator design, except they are pitched inward slightly. While Versace wasn’t producing this frame during that era, the design itself clearly has a lot of character and worth reproducing for anyone who wants to have a bit of the 90’s with them every. Versace is one of the foremost fashion brands in the world, being held in very high regard with everyone from modern rappers, to movie stars.

Michael Kors MK1003

Michael Kors MK1003 58mm 10046E Michael Kors MK1003 58mm 10046E

These Michael Kors are trying to capture the flashy and unique attitude that these early artist’s shades had. The formula is quite simple, take a classic design and then make it “louder.” The unique stem design with the flashy gold frame really draws attention to these shades. The best part is they are unisex, which means anyone can look good wearing these “old school cool” sunglasses!

By:Peter Cusumano

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