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August Is National Eye Exam Month

Eye exam

Today kicks off the first day of August and in the eye care industry, that means National Eye Exam month. This is the time that many eye care practices will provide discounted eye exams to further push patients to come in and have their eyes examined. We are sure those of you that have provided your mailing address to your eye doctor have already received a little reminder post card about this, so this might not be news to you but it will be to those that are not aware of this. The price discount is offered as an incentive to create awareness of eye exams but also to get patients to take a moment and come in and have their eyes checked at a discounted rate which is hard to pass up in today harsh economic times.

Some people are religious about having their eyes checked each year, while many other guilty patients are not. Now this is not to say that it is over looked on purpose. I’m sure everyone is busy with vacations, children going to or coming from camp, getting things ready for the upcoming school year and say "I will get to it" and just don’t make the appointment until they really find an issue with their vision.

Why wait until it is too late? Everyone should make it a habit of having their eyes checked each year just like having an annual health exam or dental exam. Remember people, these are the only pair of working eyes you will ever have so why not have those baby blues checked out once a year? What is the worst that will happen? Your prescription gets changed? You discover your vision is being affected by an astigmatism? You are showing early signs of AMD? You may need to take some eye supplements? We are sure the list can go on, but the point being is that you have taken the proper measures to help your eyes instead of letting them keep slipping away.

Did you know that during an eye exam a doctor can tell if you possess high cholesterol, high blood pressure, liver or gallbladder disease or even diabetes? In some reported cases, doctors were able to uncover tumors in the brain. For those that are not aware of what high cholesterol does, it puts us at risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes and retinal vein occlusion. Now wouldn’t that be great to know? An eye exam could save your life believe it or not.

In conclusion if you are going to take anything away from this write up, we hope it is that an eye exam during national eye exam month can save you money but more importantly your life. Spread the word but more importantly have your eyes examined because you will only have one pair of functioning eyes and your family is counting on you.

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