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  • Hot Sunglass Trends For Summer 2018


    The double-bridge frame sunnie is a great take on the traditional aviator. The first ever pair of aviators hit the market in the mid 1930s, when the U.S. military asked designers Bausch & Lomb to create a more comfortable version of the traditional flight goggles. What was born? A cult-favorite trend, made famous in so many of our favorite film moments.


    Extreme cat eye sunglasses have just the perfect amount of an exaggerated edge that gives your eyes an upturned appearance. This style was popularized in the '50s and '60s (often worn by Marilyn Monroe) and came just before the popularity of the bug-eye trend.


    Matrix sunnies have been on our radar for about a year now. Just about every designer has made a pair of Neo-inspired shades. The theory here? The tinier the better.

    Transition lenses? Maybe not so cool ... yet. But colored lenses are coming back with a bang. Match your frames to your lenses, play around by going against what's expected: There are no rules when it comes to this color trend.

    Sure, dark lenses come in handy for those day you don't want to be noticed. But when you're in the mood to make a statement, reach for see-through sunglasses that will show off your pretty eyes.

  • 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Tournament

    Congratulations to the 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Champions. We hope you all had fun watching.

  • 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Tournament Final

    It all comes down to this ladies and gentlemen. We present to you the 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Tournament Final

  • 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Tournament Final 4

    We are getting down to the wire. Here are the final 4 contact lenses.

  • 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Tournament Elite 8

    And here is your elite 8 contact lenses from our tournament. Are your contact lenses still in the hunt?

  • 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Tournament Sweet 16

    Below is an updated bracket. Did your contact lenses make it to the sweet 16?

  • 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Tournament Round 2

    Below is the updated Contact Lens bracket for round 2. Did your contact lenses make the cut?

  • 2017 March Madness Contact Lens Tournament

    Today the NCAA kicks off their Basketball Tournament. We here at figured to have some fun and setup a contact lens tournament bracket with the various contact lenses. At the end of each round we will update the bracket displaying the contact lens that moves onto the next round so stay turned and let us hear which pair of contact lenses you will be rooting for.

  • Celebrity Shades Spotlight: Kate Middleton and her Ray-Ban Wayfarers

    f91a76e58145d9d78cb7b2f4f1ab85f4Ever since she started dating Prince William in 2003, Kate Middleton has been in the fashion spotlight. Her impact has been dubbed “The Kate Middleton Effect,” pretty much saying that whatever she wears women in the U.S and U.K buy it in droves. With such a strong influence over the market, designers from all over the world would do just about anything to get Kate Middleton to wear a piece with their name on it. One of the more recent photographs of her show her rocking an American classic, the Ray-Ban Wayfarers in the tortoise colored frame. Middleton was seen wearing these frames on more than one occasion and they clearly seem to be one of her favorites. The Wayfarers are one of the most popular sunglasses of all time, and are the embodiment of youth and rock and roll culture. That just goes to show that it doesn’t matter if your British Royalty or an American college student, these Ray-Ban’s transcend all social classes. If you want to buy these frames before the Kate Middleton Effect kicks in click here.daf7bfa3b7bd8b123b14148965f80de7kate-middleton-sunglasses

  • Celebrity Shades Spotlight: Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt in the 1999 cult classic 'Fight Club.' Small, rounded and tinted lenses were popular in the 90's Brad Pitt in the 1999 cult classic 'Fight Club.' Small, rounded and tinted lenses were popular in the 90's

    Seems like Bradgelina is over, although we thought it would be a perfect time to see how Brad Pitt’s sunglass style has changed over the years. In the 90’s Pitt was known to rock the small sport style sunglasses (like the ones he wore in Fight Club). This was definitely keeping with the trends, as these minimalist style sunglasses were all the rage in the 90’s. However, his more recent films and red carpet appearances have shown him to wear more aviator style glasses. Whether it is Ray-Ban 3025’s or Gucci 2281/s, he seems pretty dedicated to that style of frame and the teardrop lens shape. Then again, aviators have had a serious resurgence in popularity the last 10 years, so it makes sense that he is sticking with the trends. My guess would be that in another 6 years he’ll have a different go-to style, and I'm sure it will be very fashionable as well.

    Another shot of Pitt wearing aviators Another shot of Pitt wearing aviators
    Classic 3025 Ray-Ban's Classic 3025 Ray-Ban's

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