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What is the Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Affiliate Program

Get ready to start making lots of money by providing your friends family and acquaintances with the best selection of eye care products in the universe!

All you have to do is invite your friends to buy contacts or a pair of our designer frames at They will get great discounts and you will make money in the process.



 First things first, make sure you have an account with You don't? It is very easy to sign up, just click here and enter your information.

Once you have an account log in and make sure you are at your account's dashboard. You can get here by click on "My Account" link on the top of the page.



Click on "My Affiliate Account" located under the left hand side menu titled 'My Account'

You will be directed to a registration form.

Enter your information: 

1. Payment Method > you can choose to either get paid through Paypal or Receive a check from

2. Payment Email > here you have to enter the email that is linked to your Paypal account.

3. WIthdrawal Method > here you can choose to either get paid automatically when your balance reaches a certain limit or manually upon request.

4. Auto Payment Amount > here you can choose the threshold at which you will get paid. The minimum amount required is $50.00

5. Reserve Amount > here you can choose to have some balance be left in your account. This allows you to get paid as soon as you get a commission.

6. Affiliate Website(s) > If you have a website where you would like to promote it will increase your commissions exponentially. You can enter it here.

Lastly hit "Register" and we will look over your details to make sure all your information is correct.



Once you are approved you will receive an email confirmation.

From here you can go to your Affiliate Account which is located both under "My Account" menu and on the top part of the website.

In order to start referring you have to go to "My Invitations" under your "My Affiliate Account" menu.

Once you are here you have the option to invite your friends using social networks or invite them by their individual emails.

And you are done!

Wait for them to start making purchases and you will be making money in no time!




$20 for first-time Contact Lenses Purchased

$10 for first-time Frames Purchased


10% Off of frst purchase of contact lenses

25% Off of first purchase of frames