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DKNY was created to be the perfect balance of elegant to “real world”.  DKNY's line of eyewear is known for its elaborate and retro styles. These glasses are unmistakable, and will be seen just about anywhere you go. Perfect for the beach, pool, mall, or even class room, and are so popular that it is nearly impossible to go out without seeing someone wearing these.

Most pairs come in a variety of colors that make them pop in the sun. You can get them in different lens sizes and tints, different frame prints and colors, and polarization options based on what you specific needs are. This is perfect as it ensures that every person will be able to find a pair of glasses that suits their individual needs.

EyeCareUniverse is one of only a handful of authorized DKNY glasses. You can always be assured to get a genuine pair of glasses, handled and prepared with the upmost care. Our company and its customers are of the utmost important to us, and we want to put you into a great pair of glasses for any occasion.

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