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Seasonal Allergies Contact Solution Promo

Last month we discussed in a blog post the effects of allergy season for those who wear contact lenses. In the mentioned blog post, we provided the various ways contact lens users can cope with allergy season. Such ways include switching to a daily disposable contact lens or the other option is to re wet your contact lenses during the day and making sure to soak/clean them over night.

Since the option of switching to daily disposable contact lenses during allergy season would require you to make an appointment with your optometrist along with having to buy new contact lenses thus requiring more cost, we felt the need to help those patients out that cannot afford to have another dr’s visit and purchase a set a different contact lenses to provide them with a little ease during this ongoing hard economic times.

The way we plan to offer some ease, is to offer an extremely limited time offer on contact lens solution as well as comfort drops. Buy 5 bottles of any contact lens solution or comfort drops and your 6th one is on us. You read that right… Buy 5 bottles of ANY contact lens solution or comfort drops we sell on our website and we’ll include a 6th bottle absolutely free. Boston Solutions, Lobob Solutions, Menicare Solutions, Bausch & Lomb, Aquify etc.

Our seasonal allergy contact solution and comfort drops promotion is limited to the quantities we have on hand and this offer will NOT be repeated. Simply enter free 6th bottle in the notes along with your order or call us with your order and reference this blog post before supplies are depleted.

Our seasonal allergy contact solution and comfort drops promotion is valid through the end of this week or until supplies are depleted whichever happens first. Offer limited to one free bottle per household.

So go ahead and enjoy the fresh air of spring and save a few dollars while you’re at it with our limited Seasonal Allergies Contact Solution and comfort drops promotion.

One thought on “Seasonal Allergies Contact Solution Promo”

  • circle lenses

    There are so many people suffering with seasonal allergies but want to continue wearing contacts regularly. This is a nice offer for them.

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